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Products & Services

Ready Mix Concrete

The basic building block of the construction industry; it is inexpensive, durable and mouldable with high compressive strength. Basic Ready Mix Concrete is available in grades starting from M-10 to M-80.

Self Compacting Concrete

Self Compacting Concrete is able to compact itself into every corner of a framework purely by means of its own weight. Such concrete can be placed with little or no needle vibration and offers excellent durability.

Pumping Services

High quality Pumping Services are available through Cemix Concrete to pump concrete from ground level to up to a height of 80 floors. Well experienced pump operating teams ensure that considerable labour is saved by the contractor in placing the concrete.

Lightweight Concrete

Lightweight Concrete is made with special polymers in the admixture coupled with clever concrete mix designs. This form of concrete is suitable for areas which need to be covered with concrete but which will not experience much load.

Early Strength Concrete

Early Strength Concrete is ideal for Mivan Construction where shuttering needs to be removed within a period of 3 days. Special admixtures are used in the manufacturing of this concrete to ensure high strength and durability.

Coloured Concrete

Coloured Concrete is a decorative concrete used mainly for aesthetic purposes. Currently this type of concrete is available only for PCC work. Various colour options are available for Coloured Concrete.